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Automate your event with our easy to use platform. We will help you manage your event and keep your participants engaged.

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Live result tracking
We will automatically place riders in their division and track their results in real time, allowing you to focus on the event.
Live stream integration
When choosing to use us for a video stream, our platform can display rider results in real time side-by-side with the live steam.
You can easily rollover a rider's times from one class to the next, removing the need to manually track them.
Spreadsheet import/export
Do you already have entries in another program? We have you covered. Import your riders from a spreadsheet or export the results to another platform for sharing.
Printable draw sheets
Post the running order for your classes with our printable draw sheets.
Separate payouts by division
Payouts can be separated by division, allowing you to pay out riders in different divisions separately.
Time addons
Add time addons to a rider’s time, allowing you to adjust their time based on penalties or other factors.
Reverse draw order
Sort the draw order in reverse, allowing the last rider to go first. No need to manually adjust the draw order.
Want to hide an event or class from the public while you are setting up? It's as simple as one-click.
Payout calculator
Use our payout calculator to assist in calculating the payouts for each class, including added money, guaranteed payouts, and deductions.
Average / Target / Sum classes
Have some classes that are scored by average? By target? Make a group to show the deltas in times across multiple classes.

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